Noiseless Diesel Generator Set 44kw 60Hz FAW China Generator Diesel

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Frequency: 50HZ;Rotating speed: 1500RpmModelPower(KW)Capacity(KVA)Rated current(A)Engine ModelStamford TypeBS-FW1612.81623.1 4DW81-23DBS164DBS-FW231822.532.5 4DW91-29DBS184EBS-FW282227.539.7 4DW92-35DBS184FBS-FW30243043.3 4DW92-39DBS184GBS-FW35283550.5 4DX21-45DBS184HBS-FW40324057.7 4DX21-53DBS184HBS-FW5

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Frequency: 50HZ;Rotating speed: 1500Rpm
ModelPower(KW)Capacity(KVA)Rated current(A)Engine ModelStamford Type
BS-FW1612.81623.1 4DW81-23DBS164D
BS-FW231822.532.5 4DW91-29DBS184E
BS-FW282227.539.7 4DW92-35DBS184F
BS-FW30243043.3 4DW92-39DBS184G
BS-FW35283550.5 4DX21-45DBS184H
BS-FW40324057.7 4DX21-53DBS184H
BS-FW50405072.2 4DX22-65DBS224D
BS-FW635062.590.2 4DX23-78DBS224E
BS-FW735872.5104.6 4110/125Z-09DBS224F
BS-FW947594135.3 CA4DF2-12DBS224G
BS-FW10080100144.3 CA6DF2D-14DBS274C
BS-FW125100125180.4 CA6DF2-17DBS274D
BS-FW150120150216.5 CA6DF2-19DBS274F
BS-FW181160181288.7 CA6DL1-24DBS274H
BS-FW225180225324.8 CA6DL2-27DBS274J
BS-FW250200250360.9 CA6DL2-30DBS274K
BS-FW300240300433.0 CA6DM2J-39DBS314D
BS-FW300240300433.0 CA6DM2-39DBS314D
BS-FW325260325469.1 CA6DM2J-41DBS314E
BS-FW325260325469.1 CA6DM2-41DBS314E
BS-FW375300375541.3 CA6DN1J-45DBS314FS
BS-FW375300375541.3 CA6DN1-45DBS314FS
Frequency: 60HZ;Rotating speed: 1800Rpm
ModelPower(KW)Capacity(KVA)Rated current(A)Engine ModelStamford Type
BS-FW19151927.1 4DW81-28DBS164D
BS-FW282227.539.7 4DW91-38DBS184E
BS-FW31253145.1 4DW92-42DBS184F
BS-FW383037.554.1 4DW92-45DBS184G
BS-FW40324057.7 4DX21-53DBS184G
BS-FW45364565.0 4DX21-61DBS184H
BS-FW60486086.6 4DX23-82DBS224D
BS-FW665366.395.6 4DX23-90DBS224E
BS-FW816581117.3 4110/125Z-11DBS224F
BS-FW10685106153.4 CA4DF2-14DBS274C
BS-FW11995119171.4 CA6DF2D-16DBS274C
BS-FW138110138198.5 CA6DF2-18DBS274D
BS-FW163130163234.6 CA6DF2-21DBS274E
BS-FW206165206297.7 CA6DL1-27DBS274G
BS-FW250200250360.9 CA6DL2-32DBS274J
BS-FW338270338487.2 CA6DM2-42DBS314D
BS-FW375300375541.3 CA6DN1-46DBS314ES

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Rated Output (KW/KVA)44KW/55KVA
Max Output (KW/KVA)48.5KW/60.5KVA
Power Factor (cos Ø) 0.8
Rated Voltage (V)60HZ/1800RPM,440V
Rated Current (A)72A
Silent Genset Dimensions (MM)--N.W(KGS)2320*980*1310--1400KGS
TypeIn-line, four-cylinder, four-stroke
Cooling modeWater-cooling
12h Power (KW/KVA)55KW/68.75KVA
1hour Power (KW/KVA)60KW/75KVA
Bore×Stroke (MM×MM)102x118
Compression Ratio17:1
Fuel systemMechanical
Lubricating oil capacity(with filter) (L)13L
Lubricating oil consumption(L/h)0.05
Fuel Consumption(g/kw.h)≤220
Starting TypeElectric starting/12V
ALTERNATORTypeCopy Stamford-BS224C
Rated Output (KW/KVA)44KW/55KVA
Max Output (KW/KVA)48.5KW/60.5KVA
Power Factor (cos Ø) 0.8
Excitation Modesingle-bearing with SAE ,Brushless synchronous ,Three harmonic exciting
AVR ModelSX460
Insulation ClassH CLASS


Noiseless Diesel Generator Set 44kw 60Hz FAW China Generator Diesel
(1)The silent canopy we use cold-rolled sheet, all positions are stronger.
(2)Our spraying plastics all go through pre-treatment of pickling and phosphating, so that the surface of the
    painting will not change color even if placed outside for five years.

(3)Canopy color painted by customer's requirement.
(4)Strict test including 50% load,75% load,100% load and 110% Load .
(5)Forklift mouth in base frame for easy loading and discharging.
(6)Logo made by customer's requirement if order quantity ≥10units or a full container.

Noiseless Diesel Generator Set 44kw 60Hz FAW China Generator Diesel
Noiseless Diesel Generator Set 44kw 60Hz FAW China Generator DieselNoiseless Diesel Generator Set 44kw 60Hz FAW China Generator Diesel
Q: Do you offer OEM service?
A: Yes
Q: What is your payment term?
A: 30% T/T in advance, the rest payment before shipment.  Or irrevocable L/C.
Q: What is your lead time?
A: About 30 days after receiving deposit or original L/C.But if your order with some special design, then the
    delivery time is longer.

Q: What certificates do you have?
A: We have CE, ISO. And we can apply for specific certificate for different country such as SONCAP for Nigeria,
     CIQ for Egypt, SASO for Saudi Arabia, etc

Q:What is your MOQ?
A: Above 1pc
Q. Which port do you often use when export?
A: Fuzhou Port, or as customer request.
Q.How to choose the power?
A.:Collect all power of your equipments,take the current into your consideration.
Q.What is the difference between Prime power and Standby power?
A.:Prime power is 12hours continous power,one hour 10% over load in every 12 running hours is allowed.
Standby power is the limit value of maximum output for emergency use. Overloading is prohibited
Q.What about the warranty
Guarantee for one year or 1000 hours (accord to whichever reach first) from ex-factory date.During the guarantee period,
our company will provide the free easy damaged spare part for problems caused by our quality of production or raw material
except the damageable spare parts of diesel engine caused by customer's incorrect man made operation.After expiration,
our company provides cost parts maintenance for gen-set.



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