1MW low noise diesel generator set, Cummins engine and Stamford generator

Technical parameters of Cummins generator1.The main parameters of the setThe model of the unit:                        1100GFPower:               

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Technical parameters of Cummins generator
1.The main parameters of the set
The model of the unit:                        1100GF
Power:                                               1100KW/1375KVA
Rated voltage:                                   400V/230V        
Rated current:                                  1980A   
Rated frequency:                              50Hz
The factor of rated power                  COS=0.8(lag)
The regulating rate of steady voltage:                  ≤±0.5%
The regulating rate of instantaneous voltage:       -10%/ +15%
The time of steady voltage:                                  ≤1.5sec
The waving rate of voltage:                                  ≤0.5%
The regulating rate of steady frequency:              ≤3%
The regulating rate of instantaneous frequency:    ≤±5%
The time of steady frequency:                   3sec
The waving rate of frequency:                    ≤0.25%
The waste of fuel with full load:               205g/kw/h
Size(mm):                                               5300*2080*2500
Weight:                                                   10000KG                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
2. The main parameters of the diesel engine
Brand:                                             Cummins
Place of production:                          Chongqing
Model:                                              KTA50-G3
The power of the diesel engine:         1097/1227KW
Type:               four strokes, waste gas turbine boost,direct spurting type                 
Cooling way:                                water cooling
With Type:                                  V type
Bore *Trip :                                  159mm*159mm
Cylinder:                                   12cylinders
Displacement                             50L
Lubricating oil capacity:              177L
Rotating speed:                          1500r/min
Starting way:                                DC24V starting with electricity
3,  The main parameters of the generator                                                                                       
Brand:                                           Stanford
Place of production:                        Shanghai
Model :                                          HJI-1000-4
Type:                                             brushless (AVR automatic voltage regulating)
The connecting way of the phase:   three phases four lines
Insulation degree:                            H degree
Grading Protection:                          IP23
4. The components of the set
1)    Diesel engine
2)    Generator
3)    Controlling Screen
4)    ATS automatic switch cabinet
5)    Low  noise  power  plant
5. Controlling Screen
The controlling screen is Ordinary integrative type controlling screen, with active power, three-phase voltage, frequency and three-phase current, kilowatt-hour, power factor, oil pressure, coolant temperature, speed units, operating hours, battery voltage and other shows. Diesel is speeding alarm shutdown, and low oil pressure alarm and shutdown, the high temperature alarm and shutdown, over-voltage generators, low alarm and shutdown, and frequency too high, too low alarm and shutdown, short-circuit current and IDMT of overcurrent protection.
6.The Accessories:
Muffler,batteries and the connecting cables, shock-absorbing spacer , toolbox,certificate  and data materials for each one set. 

1MW Low Noice Diesel Generator Set with Cummins Engine and Stanford Generator


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