Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Generator

Tag:  Experienced manufacturer 7.5kva-2750kva open/silent electric diesel power generator  1.APPLICATION OF DIESEL GENERATOR DESIGN NOTES :1. External anti-corrosion spray coating, outdoor anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance2.100% top balance, single point lifting, safe operation3. Indepe

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Tag:  Experienced manufacturer 7.5kva-2750kva open/silent electric diesel power generator

Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator
Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator
1. External anti-corrosion spray coating, outdoor anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance
2.100% top balance, single point lifting, safe operation
3. Independent/removable fuel tank; chassis oil tank / side fuel tank (good oil delivery effect, no vacant waste)
4. Double-sided bottom forklift, safe for loading and unloading;
5. Edge wrap angle, waterproof and wear-resistant
6. Waterproof and wear-resistant gasket, fast and durable
7. Double-sided external pull-type door lock design, labor saving
8. Alloy water outlet, antifreeze
9. Internal harness bundling for easy line inspection and safe operation
10. Included in the operating instructions manual for professional and non-professional use
11. Internal and external English (language can be customized) warning signs, safety instructions, easy to operate
12. New diesel engine, new all-copper brushless generator
13. Chassis mute cotton padded and fixed, good mute effect, long life
14. Louver type heat dissipation design, adjust the operating temperature of the machine to ensure normal operation
15. Dashboard setting Oil level gauge, oil pressure gauge, low oil pressure alarm, emergency button,
16. Built-in AVR
17. Configure battery, electric float charger and consumable parts
18. Configure diesel check valve, the second use starts faster, no pump air is needed

Powered by CUMMINS diesel Engine
Prime Power (50HZ)300kw/375kva
Standby Power (50HZ)330kw/413KVA
Power Factor0.8 (Lagging)
Phase Wires3-phases 4-Wires
Start ModelElectric
Engine ModelCUMMINS KTA19-G2
Bore x Stroke(mm)159*159
Compression Ratio14.5:1
Cooling MethodWater - cooled
Starting Method24V DC electrical start
Full Load Diesel Consumption (L/H)35L
Engine Displacement (L)12L
Inspiration  (L)Turbocharged , Aftercooled
Lube Volume  (L)50L
Coolant Volume  (L)30.3L
Noise (Db)≤ 75
Governor TypeElectrical Governing
Alternator ModelKachai  K314G
Voltage Regulation±4%
Insulation ClassH
Voltage ControlAVR

1.) Closed water-cooled diesel engine
2.) AC brush less generator
3.) Steel CNC bending public chassis
4.) 40 °C ambient temperature full protection tank radiator
5.) Fully enclosed maintenance-free battery and copper battery connection cable
6.) Battery negative circuit breaker
7.) Aiskai molded case main breaker
8.) 24V battery float charger
9.) Composite high performance bowl type shock absorber
10.) Industrial muffler


- Engine Part
    Electronic commissioning (for mechanical commissioning engine)
    External oil water separator
    Water jacket / oil heater
    Lubricating oil pre-feed pump
- Alternator Part
    PMG (Permanent Magnet Excitation System) below 600KW
    Drooping device
    External potentiometer
    Anti-condensation heater
    High-grade AVR (automatic voltage regulator)
- Electrical part
    Automatic Dual Power Switching Cabinet (ATS)
    Automatic parallel (grid) cabinet
    ABB/Schneider main circuit breaker
- The gold part
    Chassis / independent storage tank
    Fixed / mobile silent box


Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator

Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator

Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator

Running 1000 hours / 12months or 15months from shipment (which comes first)
Improper operation and maintenance will not  be covered by the warranty.


Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator

Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator
Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator

Hangzhou Kachai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic-technological Develpment Area, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is a science and technology production enterprise integrating research, development, manufacture and sales of diesel generators and light tower. We have nearly 20 years of the industry experience of the diesel generators complete set of solutions, we have always been the leader in the power solutions industry, and the products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

We have entered into strategic partnerships or OEMs with world-renowned engine and alternators manufacturers, such as US Cummins, Germany Deutz, Korea Doosan, UK Stanford, China Yuchai, SDEC and FAWDE. The company's products have passed CE, BV, SGS and other international authority certification.Our diesel generators cover power from 6-2200 kW (7.5-2750 KVA).In order to meet the different types of applications, we can provide open generators, silent generators, container generators, mobile trailer generators, and according to different customer requirements can provide different frequency, voltage, structure and so on.

Our production line is equipped with lifting equipment such as 5tons, 10 tons of vehicles and forklifts; high-power metal laser cutting machine, CNC turret punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, gas shielded welding machine and another equipments; digital simulation diesel generator test equipment. Professional and sophisticated advanced equipment guarantees the excellent quality of each unit.

We are committed to meeting the different needs of the world.No matter you need emergency power supply or continuous power supply in any environment, we can provide you with safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and efficient solutions.


Experienced Manufacturer 7.5kVA-2750kVA Open/Silent Electric Diesel Power Generator
Genset modelPrime powerSTandby powerDiesel engineAlternator model
SYC16D-K16 20 18 23 4D24G4/A18.5/20.4K184A
SYC20D-K20 25 22 28 4D24G2/A23/25.3K184C
SYC24D-K24 30 26 33 4D24TG2/A28/30.8K184E
SYC30D-K30 38 33 41 YC4D60-D2140/44K184G
SYC32D-K32 40 36 45 4D24TG0/A36/39.6K184H
SYC50D-K50 63 56 70 YC4D90Z-D2160/66K224E
SYC58D-K58 73 64 80 YC4A100Z-D2070/73.5K224G
SYC80D-K80 100 88 110 YC6B135Z-D2090/99K274A
SYC90D-K90 113 100 125 YC6B155L-D21103/113K274B
SYC100D-K100 125 110 138 YC6B180L-D20120/132K274C
SYC120D-K120 150 132 165 YC6B205L-D20138/152K274E
SYC140D-K140 175 150 188 YC6B230L-D20155/170.5K274G
SYC150D-K150 188 165 206 YC6A245L-D21165/181.5K274H
SYC160E-K160 200 176 220 YC6A275-D30185/203K274I
SYC200E-K200 250 220 275 YC6MK350L-D20235/258.5K274K
SYC250D-K250 313 280 350 YC6MK420L-D20281/309K314D
SYC280D-K280 350 300 375 YC6MJ480L-D20321/352K314F
SYC300D-K300 375 330 413 YC6MJ500-D21335/370K314G
SYC300E-K300 375 330 413 YC6K500-D31335/370K314G
SYC300E-K300 375 330 413 YC6K500-D30335/370K314G
SYC320E-K320 400 350 438 YC6K520-D30356/382K314H
SYC360E-K360 450 385 481 YC6K600-D30401/441K314I
SYC400D-K400 500 440 550 YC6T660L-D20441/485K354B
SYC450E-K450 563 500 625 YC6TD780-D31520/572K354D
SYC500E-K500 625 550 688 YC6TD840-D31560/616K354F
SYC550E-K550 688 600 750 YC6TD900-D31605/665K354I
SYC600E-K600 750 660 825 YC6TD1000-D30668/735K354J
SYC640D-K640 800 700 875 YC6C1070-D31715/787K404B
SYC910E-K728 910 800 1000 YC6C1220-D31815/897K404C
SYC1000E-K800 1000 900 1125 YC6C1320-D31880/968K404D
SYC1125E-K900 1125 1000 1250 YC6C1520-D311016/1118K404E
SYC1250E-K1000 1250 1100 1375 YC6C1660-D301110/1221K404F
SYC1250E-K1000 1250 1100 1375 YC12VC1680-D311120/1230K404F
SYC1500E-K1200 1500 1350 1688 YC12VC2070-D311380/1520K404H
SYC1650E-K1320 1650 1500 1875 YC12VC2270-D311520/1670K454C
SYC1875E-K1500 1875 1600 2000 YC12VC2510-D311680/1850K454D
SYC2125E-K1700 2125 1800 2250 YC12VC2700-D311805/1985K454F
SYC2250E-K1800 2250 2000 2500 YC16VC3000-D312005/2206K454F
SYC2500E-K2000 2500 2200 2750 YC16VC3300-D312205/2426FD7G
SYC2750E-K2200 2750 2400 3000 YC16VC3600-D312405/2646FD7H
1. What's the nearest export seaport to you?
 We will choose Ningbo seaport or Shanghai seaport.

2. What are your terms of payment?
We will accept T/T, LC and DP.

3.How long is your delivery time?
Depending on the customers purchase diesel generators' configuration, customer demand for delivery, and our parts inventory, etc.
Generally,it takes 7-20 workday for open type diesel generators and 10-25 workdays for silent diesel generators.

4.What's your MOQ?
1 unit, if the quantity is big, we will give the better price.

5.How much is the ocean freight?
It depends on the destination seaport.

6. How to pack the products?
For better protection of products, customers are advised to use FCL transport, try not to ship by LCL.
We will wrap the film around our diesel generators or use fumigation-free wooden boxes.
The cost of the wooden cases must be accounted for separately.

7. Are your products suitable for severe weather such as cold, hot and humid?
Our products can be used in cold, hot, humid and other harsh climates. If it is used in extreme special conditions, you can tell us. We will provide customized equipment for you according to the actual situation.

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