Cummins diesel engine backup 125kVA 100kw generator with ATS

CUMMIN Diesel Engine Standby 125kVA 100kw Generator with ATSDetailed product description: 1) Rated output: 8 - 1000kW / 10kVA - 1250kVA2) Rated voltage: 400 / 230V, 380 / 220, 220 / 1203) Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz4) Power factor: 0.8. Engine: Cummins generator engine1)Cooling method:

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CUMMIN Diesel Engine Standby 125kVA 100kw Generator with ATS

Detailed product description: 
1) Rated output: 8 - 1000kW / 10kVA - 1250kVA
2) Rated voltage: 400 / 230V, 380 / 220, 220 / 120
3) Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz
4) Power factor: 0.8. 

Engine: Cummins generator engine
1)Cooling method: Closed water cooling or air force cooled
2)Starting method: Electric start. 
3)Rated speed: 1, 500 / 1, 800rpm
4) Noise level: 65dB to 75dB 7 meter away

1) Brand: Stamford or Leroysomer or Our MINDU brand(ST/STCseries, TFW)
2) Rated output: 20 -1000kW / 25kVA -1250kVA
3) Rated voltage: 400 / 230V according to your requested
4) Rated Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
5) Power factor: 0.8
6) Phase: 3-phase, 4-wire
7) Connection: Y or other type connection
8) Rated speed: 1, 500rpm / 1, 800rpm
9) Excitation: Harmonic excitation or phase compound or brushless
11) Voltage regulation: Automatic
12) 1.0% voltage regulation (max. ) in static conditions
13) Protection class: IP 22 or IP23
14)Connect with engine: Direct coupled with flywheel

Control panel: 
) The generator control panel is manufactured locally by
2) The panel is provided with: 
A) Standard engine instrumentation
B) Voltmeter with selector switch
C) Ammeter with selector switch
D) Frequency meter
E) Current transformers
F) Instrument fuses duly wired and ferruled
G) MCB of suitable rating with overload and short circuit protection
H) With AMF control panel or with ATS (automatic transfer system)
I) With EPA certification
Genset Spec. COS=0.8Engine SpecificationAlternatorDimension (cm)Weight (kg)
Prime PowerStandby PowerTypeCylinderBore X Stroke (mm)Power (kw)Fuel Cons. (L/H)BrandType
C20252027.5224B3.9-G24L102 X 1202470.056    170X70X115750
C3037.53042334BT3.9-G24L102 X 1203680.056170X70X115900
C36453650404BTA3.9-G4L102 X 1205590.056173X70X1151070
C50635070554BTA3.9-G4L102 X 1205511.30.056173X70X1151100
C709072100806BT5.9-G6L102 X 12010016.20.093218X82X1351200
C8010080110886BT5.9-G6L102 X 120100180.093218X82X1351220
C1001251001381106BTAA5.9G6L102 X 120132240.124230X82X1351400
C1201501201631306BTAA5.9G6L102 X 12013228.80.124230X82X1351440
C1501881502031626CTA8.3G26L114 X 135180400.162245X86X1431600
C1602001602251806CTAA8.3G6L114 X 135200450.168256X88X1551700
C200250200275220NTA855-G16L140 X 152265480.25285X97X1583100
C200222200275250NT855-GA6L140 X 152250480.25285X97X1583100

Guarantee for one year or 1000 hours whichever reach first from ex-factory date. During the guarantee period, Tang Power will provide the free easy-damageable spare parts of diesel engine caused by our quality of production or raw material. After expiration, Tang Power provides cost spare parts maintenance of gensets

Auto Start 250kVA 200kw Cummins Power Diesel Generator with Low Noise
Auto Start 250kVA 200kw Cummins Power Diesel Generator with Low Noise

Auto Start 250kVA 200kw Cummins Power Diesel Generator with Low Noise

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