30kVA PM Generator Diesel Generator[Mcv0102']

Mecca Power, as part of a Global Power Supplier initiative, provides a professional solution for the design, application and after-sales support of generators. Strongly focused on innovation and the inherent flexibility of product design, Mecca Power has been successful in global markets with a broad and diverse r

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30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']

Mecca Power, as part of a Global Power Supplier initiative, provides a professional solution for the design, application and after-sales support of generators. Strongly focused on innovation and the inherent flexibility of product design, Mecca Power has been successful in global markets with a broad and diverse range of genset power products that can operate autonomously or independently. parallel, on-site or remotely controlled.
30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']

Powered by DCEC CUMMINS Series                 50HZ  400/230 V 22-550KVA
ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDisplacementGov.DimentionWeight
KVA / KW KVA/KW ModelOriginL/H(100%)LL*W*H (MM)KGS
MC28C28 22 25204B3.9-G1CN7.14L3.9 M1950*735*1420765 
MC28C28 22 25204B3.9-G2CN6.74L3.9 E1950*735*1420765 
MC44C44 35 40324BT3.9-G1CN10.04L3.9 M2080*735*1420770 
MC44C44 35 40324BT3.9-G2CN9.34L3.9 E2080*735*1420760 
MC55C55 44 50404BTA3.9-G2CN13.14L3.9 E2180*805*1450824 
MC66C66 53 60484BTA3.9-G2CN13.14L3.9 E2180*805*1450830 
MC66C66 53 60484BTA3.9-G11CN20.14L3.9 E2180*805*1450830 
MC80C80 64 72.5584BTA3.9-G11CN20.14L3.9 E2180*805*1450854 
MC94C94 75 85686BT5.9-G1CN21.76L5.9 M2475*800*14701150 
MC94C94 75 85686BT5.9-G2CN22.06L5.9 E2475*800*14701185 
MC110C110 88 100806BT5.9-G2CN22.06L5.9 E2475*800*14701190 
MC125C125 100 11491.26BTA5.9-G2CN27.06L5.9 E2620*800*14951280 
MC154C154 123 1401126BTAA5.9-G2CN30.06L5.9 E2620*800*14951295 
MC176C176 141 1601286BTAA5.9-G12CN34.06L5.9 E2620*800*14951300 
MC200C198 158 1801446CTA8.3-G1CN42.06L8.3 M2680*855*15601550 
MC200C198 158 1801446CTA8.3-G2CN42.06L8.3 E2680*855*15601600 
MC220C220 176 2001606CTAA8.3-G2CN45.06L8.3 E2790*1045*16401700 
MC250C248 198 2251806LTAA8.9-G2CN53.06L8.9 E2890*1045*17801900 
MC275C275 220 2502006LTAA8.9-G2CN53.06L8.9 E2890*1045*17801920 
MC275C275 220 2502006LTAA8.9-G3CN54.06L8.9 E2890*1045*17802010 
MC303C303 242 2752206LTAA9.5-G3CN58.06L9.5 E2980*1150*18802200 
MC330C330 264 3002406LTAA9.5-G1CN70.06L9.5 E2980*1150*18802450 
MC358C358 286 3252606LTAA9.5-G1CN70.06L9.5 E2980*1150*18802520 
MC385C385 308 3502806ZTAA13-G3CN76.56L13.0 ECM3390*1360*20103218 
MC385C385 308 350280QSZ13-G6CN81.66L13.0 ECM3420*1150*21903140 
MC413C413 330 3753006ZTAA13-G3CN76.56L13.0 ECM3390*1360*20103320 
MC413C413 330 375300QSZ13-G7CN89.26L13.0 ECM3420*1150*21903140 
MC440C440 352 400320QSZ13-G7CN89.26L13.0 ECM3420*1150*21903140 
MC440C440 352 4003206ZTAA13-G2CN89.16L13.0 ECM3390*1360*20103380 
MC481C481 385 437.53506ZTAA13-G4CN91.46L13.0 ECM3390*1360*20103430 
MC481C481 385 437.5350QSZ13-G2CN88.86L13.0 ECM3390*1360*20103400 
MC481C481 385 437.5350QSZ13-G5CN93.26L13.0 ECM3420*1150*21903420 
MC550C550 440 500400QSZ13-G3CN101.06L13.0 ECM3420*1150*21903480 
MC94C94 75 8568QSB3.9-G3CN20.06L3.9 ECM2280*800*1450950 
MC154C154 123 140112QSB5.9-G3CN31.06L5.9 ECM2580*800*14501080 
MC200C198 158 180144QSB6.7-G4CN43.06L6.7 ECM2650*850*15001340 
MC275C275 220 250200QSL8.9-G4CN60.06L8.9 ECM2800*1050*17801780 
General Feature
♦ Assembled by diesel engine and Brushless alternator. 
 Three filters as standard, fuel and water separator as optional.
♦ Radiator and fan with safety guard.
♦ Single bearing alternator IP 23, Insulation Class H.
♦ Heavy duty steel as base frame and 8hrs operation base fuel tank.
♦ Automatic control panel and 3 poles circuit breaker, internal cable.
♦ 12V or 24V battery, battery wires.
♦ Battery and float battery charger as standard supply scope.
♦ Fuel level indicator in meter and panel
♦ Optional soundproof canopy, ATS, synchronization panel, movable trailers. 

30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']
30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']
30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']
30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']

Genset Main Technical Data
Genset ModelMC28C-MC3300C
Prime Power64kW-2400kW
Standby Power80KW-2640kW
Standard Voltage230/400V, Others as Application Requested
PhasesThree phases, four wires
Dimensions(L×W×H)mmOpen/Silent dimension as below list
100% Fuel Cons. (L/H)3.9~77.6
Base Fuel tank (hour)8~10
Alternator Specifications
Alternator ModelSTAMFORD TAL/PI/UCI/HCI/LVI Series
Output power64kW-2400kW
Voltage controlAVR
Number of phase3
Power factor (Cos Phi)0.8
Insulation ClassH
Number of Wires 6
Altitude ≤ 1000 m
Number of Pole 4
Exciter typeAREP
Voltage regulation±0.5%           
Totale Harmonic distortionat no load < 4 % - on load < 4 %
Bearing  Single
Alternator Data
♦ Operate either 50Hz or 60Hz.♦Stator grease insulation covered
♦ Standard enclosure IP23, but IP44, IP55 for option♦Rotator and excitation high polymer
♦ Insulation class H. ♦ Resist the corruption oil and acid
♦ Shunt excitataion systems.♦Rotator balance is in accordance with BS5625  
♦ AREP or PMG system for options. standard 12.5
♦ Automatic voltage regulator♦High-quality lubrication sealed long-time bearing
♦ Single bearing alternator♦Rotator silicon steel close tight
Standard Accessories
*Auto Control Panel*Starting Motor
*Main Ciruit Breaker*Exhaust silencer
*Fuel tank*Starting battery
*Base Frame*Float battery charger
*Filter *Flange
30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']

Powered by CUMMINS G-DRRIVE Series              50HZ 400/230 V 220-3300KVA 
ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDispl.Gov.DimentionWeight
KVA / KW KVA/KW ModelOriginL/H(100%)LL*W*H (MM)KGS
MC220C 220 176 200160QSB7-G5 US/UK45.06L6.7 ECM2450*950*16801555 
MC275C275 220 250200QSL9-G3 US/UK59.06L8.8 ECM1700*1270*17802068 
MC330C330 264 300240QSL9-G5 US/UK63.06L8.8 ECM2900*1270*17802283 
MC440C440 352 400320QSX15-G4US85.76L15.0 ECM3400*1305*19743781 
MC500C501 400 455364QSX15-G6US95.96L15.0 ECM3400*1305*19743781 
MC550C550 440 500400QSX15-G8US103.06L15.0 ECM3400*1305*19743781 
MC550C550 440 500400KTA19-G4 US107.06L18.9 E3370*1400*20504183 
MC715C715 572 650520VTA28-G5 IN140.012V28.0 E3750*1720*23085707 
MC825C825 660 750600VTA28-G6IN195.012V28.0 E4000*1880*21805987 
MC800C798 638 725580QSK23-G2CN151.06L23.2 ECM3880*1502*22005905 
MC880C880 704 800640QSK23-G3CN161.06L23.2 ECM3880*1502*22005920 
MC1023C1023 818 930744QST30-G3CN184.012V30.5 ECM4250*1756*23526285 
MC1100C1100 880 1000800QST30-G4US202.012V30.5 ECM4250*1756*23526453 
MC1100C1100 880 1000800KTA38-G5IN209.012V37.8 E4250*1756*23537910 
MC1210C1210 968 1100880KTA38-G9IN256.012V37.8 E4250*1756*23548248 
MC1375C1375 1100 12501000QSK38-G5 UK274.012V37.7 ECM4250*1756*23557979 
MC1375C1375 1100 12501000KTA50-G3IN261.016V50.3 E4250*1756*23569653 
MC1513C1513 1210 13751100KTA50-G8IN289.016V50.3 E4250*1756*235710207 
MC1815C1815 1452 16501320KTA50-G8IN289.016V50.3 E4250*1756*235810415 
MC1815C1815 1452 16501320KTA50-GS8IN309.016V50.3 E4250*1756*235910415 
MC2000C1997 1597 18151452QSK50-G7UK/IN349.016V50.3 ECM4250*1756*236011613 
MC2240C2239 1791 20351628QSK60-G3UK/IN363.016V60.2 ECM4250*1756*236113846 
MC2420C2420 1936 22001760QSK60-G4UK/IN394.016V60.2 ECM4250*1756*236214083 
MC2750C2750 2200 25002000QSK60-G21UK455.016V60.2 ECM4250*1756*2363N.A
MC3025C3025 2420 27502200QSK78-G18UK494.018V77.6 ECM4250*1756*2364N.A
MC3300C3300 2640 30002400QSK78-G9UK528.018V77.6 ECM4250*1756*2365N.A

Powered by CCEC CUMMINS Series              50HZ  400/230 V 275-1650KVA 
ModelLTPPRPEngineFuel Cons.CylinderDisplacementGov.DimentionWeight
MC275C275 220 250200NT855-GACN53.46L14E2950*1100*17502715
MC275C275 220 250200MTA11-G2ACN556L10.8E2800*1100*16502750
MC275C275 220 250200MTA11-G2CN526L10.8E2800*1100*16502780
MC303C303 242 275220NTA855-G1ACN61.36L14E2950*1100*17503327
MC344C344 275 312.5250MTAA11-G3CN61.36L10.8E3000*1250*17502800
MC344C344 275 312.5250NTA855-G1BCN686L14E3100*1100*17502900
MC378C378 303 343.75275NTA855-G2ACN71.96L14E3100*1100*17502950
MC385C385 308 350280NTA855-G4CN75.36L14E3000*1100*17503000
MC413C413 330 375300NTAA855-G7CN85.46L14E3100*1250*18002800
MC450C450 360 N/AN/ANTAA855-G7ACN89.26L14E3150*1250*18002985
MC413C413 330 375300KTA19-G2CN83.56L18.9E3100*1300*21003950
MC440C440 352 400320QSNT-G3CN84.26L14ECM3200*1250*18003500
MC495C495 396 450360KTA19-G3CN976L18.9E3250*1300*21003850
MC550C550 440 500400KTA19-G3ACN1076L18.9E3250*1300*21004250
MC550C550 440 500400KTA19-G4CN1076L18.9E3250*1300*21004300
MC578C578 462 525420KTAA19-G5CN112.96L18.9E3500*1550*22004864
MC633C633 506 575460KTAA19-G6CN131.76L18.9E3500*1550*22004550
MC650C650 520 N/AN/AKTA19-G8CN1306L18.9E3500*1550*22002010
MC688C688 550 N/AN/AKTAA19-G6ACN1356L18.9E3600*1550*22004550
MC715C715 572 650520QSK19-G4CN1456L18.9ECM3800*1700*22004950
MC825C825 660 750600KTA38-G2CN16712V37.8E4200*1700*24006600
MC880C880 704 800640KTA38-G2BCN16712V37.8E4200*1700*24006700
MC1000C1001 801 910728KTA38-G2ACN19112V37.8E4300*1700*24006850
MC1100C1100 880 1000800KTA38-G5CN20912V37.8E4350*2100*24007150
MC1363C1363 1090 N/AN/AKTA38-G9CN22412V37.8E4350*2100*24007210
MC1375C1375 1100 12501000QSKTA38-G5CN27412V37.8ECM4500*2150*24008600
MC1375C1375 1100 12501000KTA50-G3CN26116V50E4800*2100*24009140
MC1513C1513 1210 13751100KTA50-G8CN28916V50E4900*2200*24509600
MC1650C1650 1320 15001200KTA50-GS8CN30916V50E5000*2200*25009800

With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting energy products, as well as our sales and engineering group in the United States, the Mecca team will advise you on product choices.
most suitable generator units, for building, mining, telecommunications, rental, railway stations, power plants, data. Treatment centers, etc.

Mecca provides a permanent technical support service - supported by a team with more than 10 years of experience in the energy sector.
Our technical support service can be carried out remotely by telephone or via an on-site control camera. This service is available for all generators manufactured by Mecca and allows the customer a more direct contact (which will be hidden by the platform but you can check and compose it on our official website).

Mecca has a set of specific and dedicated equipment to assist and organize the generators. Whenever it is impossible to carry out repairs at the intervention site, repairs can be made at our facilities.

30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']

Customerized Fuel Tank

1.Volume: 500L, 1000L,1500L,2000L,3000L etc.

2.Plate steel construction

3.Fuel level meter

4.Fuel transfer systems

5.Double wall

6.Electric fuel pump 

7.Fuel level sensor (indicated on control module)

8.Fuel automatic filling system

9.Tank in genset base, top, built-in, seperately stand etc

30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']

Payment Terms:
By telegraphic transfer: 30% deposit on signing of sales contract; and balance 70% before dispatch. 
Approximately 2-4 weeks upon order confirmation.

Service Guarantee:
Before Service: According to the clients' requirement and actual situation, we will furnish the technology consultation and kinds of information.  

After Service: Guarantee for one year or 1200 running hours (accord to whichever reach first) from installed date.
During the guarantee period, we will provide the free easy-damaged spare-parts for problems caused by our quality of production or raw material, except the damageable spare parts of diesel engine caused by customer's incorrect man-made operation. After checking, our company provides cost spare-parts maintenance for gensets .  

Beside genset one-stop purchasing service to world-wide customers,CKD and SKD packing service are also available according to unique request.

CKD:Complete Knock Down Generator
Generator completely knocked down into parts without assembling. 
All items from following are seperately packed without connection.
SKD:Semi Knock Down Generator
Partially assembled generator. 
Part of the following items you choose will be assembled.
Prompt delivery
Reduced tax to win more competition
Lower transportation fees to save cost
Localized production to win more tenders. 
Increased production to offer more job opportunity for the government




Delivery Time
1Engine Cummins, Doosan, Mtu, Mitsubishi, SME, Scania, Volvo, 
Deutz, Yanmar, Faw, YangDong, Aoling, Yuchai, Lovol, Wandi, ect.
Marine and industry use 
Diesel, gas
2AlternatorStamford, Leroysomer,  Meccalte,  Marathon  and 
customer requested alternators
Medium and high voltage, 
Marine and industry use 
High IP Grade
CT Drop kits, PMG, AVR
2-15 days
3RadiatorFast, Beworld brand
Original Radiator come with engine
Local made radiator with authorization by engine supplier
4CanopiesPowder coated and form mounted canopy,completely break down with hings,
locks, raincap,bolts,screws, etc.
Exhaust pipe and flanges 
Standard silent type canopy package 
Denyo type canopy package 
Rental type canopy package 
Telecom type canopy package 
Super silent type canopy package 
Containerized type canopy package 
Customerized type canopy package
5Base frameStandard base or simple iron base
Anti-Vibration mountings
With/without tank, base tank volume no limited
Fuel gauges and high pressure fuel pipes
6Control systemController: ComAp, DeepSea, Datacom, SmartGen etc.
Breaker:Delixi,ABB, Chint, etc.
Battery switch, battery charger, emergency stop botton, 
indicator, meters, CT and all wiring and harness.
Batteries and cables
Speed & lub oil & water temp sensors,
A package of standard parts for assembly
7Exhaust SystemIndustrial and residential silencer
Flexible connects and elbow
Special demands 
30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']

General Troubleshooting            

This section lists the generating set for some common fault, the reasons for the failure and determines the            
method of fault. General operators can determine their own fault and note, maintenance it according to the            
brochure. But please contact the repairing agents when meeting a special note or not listed failure of operation.            
Please remember the following suggestions before repairing:            
- Make sure that study the failure carefully before any operation.            
- Repair with the easiest way and most commonly used method.            
- Find the exact causes of failure and completely solve the fault.      

1. Generator Sets            
Description of this section is for reference only. If the following failure occurs please contact the repairing agents.            
(Some models of control panel installed only parts of the following warning indicator light)
IconIndicator LightReasonFault Analysis
Low oil pressure
Low oil pressure
When oil pressure does not
reduce normally, the light is on.
-General because of a lack of oil or lubrication
system failure caused by (refueling or replacing
the oil filter)
-When occurs this fault should automatically
shutdown generator sets immediately.
High water
High water
When the water temperature
has risen to a level higher than
or equal to the sensor setting,
the light is on.
-General because of a lack of water or oil
shortage, or overload.
-When occurs this fault should automatically
shutdown generator sets immediately.
Low fuel level
Low fuel level
When a fuel level has been
detected by the sensor fitted to
the daily tank, the light is on.
-General because of a lack of water or oil
shortage, or overload.
-When occurs this fault should automatically
shutdown generator sets immediately.
Battery charger
fault alarm
Battery charger
fault alarm
If the charging system has fault,
when engine running, the light is
-Battery charging system fault caused.
-The light is on at the initial start, when the
charger reaches a certain speed, the light is off.
-This failure will not lead to automatic shutdown
generating units.
Crank failure
Crank failure
When the generator set failed
three times (or six times) in a
row starting, the light is on.
-Oil supply system or re-start the system failure
Overload or
breaker tripping
Overload or
breaker tripping
When overloading or Short
circuit, the light is on. Tripping
circuit breakers cause generator
set load out.
-In this fault, it need to load or unload some parts
to eliminate short-circuit, and then re-close the
circuit breaker.
30kVA Diesel Generator with Permanent Magnet Alternator[Mcv0102']

Introduction of Maintenance grade(Interval) for the generator set

A Level Maintenance Interval (Daily Maintenance)
1. Check Daily Report of Genset .
2. Check fuel level and coolant level. 
3. Check alternator for cracks or other damage, and the condition of the belts must be checked, flab or 
other damage.
4. Check the Air filter. The air filter should be replaced when necessary .
5. Release fuel tank and fuel filter's water and sediment.
6. Check the water cooling filter.
7. Check starting battery and electrolyte, add electrolyte when necessary. 
8. Check the starter, check noisy defect.
9. Use air syringe cleaner to clean the water tank, coolant system and cooled fin net.
B Level Maintenance Interval (Less than 400 hours)
1. Repeatedly check A Level Daily Maintenance steps.
2. After operating 100 to 250 hours, replace the fuel filter. All the fuel filters should not be cleaned, it 
should be replaced. 100 to 250 hours is just flexible time, actually it must be according to the practice 
and real fact. 
3. After operating 200 to 250 hours, replace the oil & oil filter. All the lube oil must fit up to the CF 
Grade of American Petroleum Institute.
4. After operating 300 to 400 hours, replace the air filter. The air filter can be cleaned with air syringe, or 
it can be replaced. The replacement must be according to the environment and real fact.
5. Replace the cooling system and add coolant concentration.
6. Clean the crankshaft and inlet, outlet air- filter net. 
C Level Maintenance Interval (2000-3000 hours), Please do as follows:
1. Repeatedly check A and B Level Daily Maintenance steps.
2. Remove the tap of valve, clean and wash oil dirt and sludge.
3. Fasten snails from each part (including running parts and fixed parts)
4. Clean and wash the crankcase, oil sludge, steel scraps and sediment with engine.
5. Check wearing of the engine turbo, clean and wash accumulation of carbon, adjust it when necessary.
6. Check and adjust valve clearance.
7. Check PT pump, quality of injection, adjust injection process, adjust it when necessary.
8. Check and adjust the tension of fan belt and water pump belt, adjust and replace it when necessary; 
clean and wash water tank radiator fins, then check the using capability of thermostat.
Current Repair (D Level Maintenance)(3000-4000 hours)
1. Check valve, valve seat and other wearing, repair or change it when necessary.
2. Check P pump, quality of injection, repair and adjust it when necessary.
3. Check and adjust connecting rod and fastening twisting torque.
4. Check and adjust valve clearance.
5. Check the trip of injector.
6. Check and adjust tension of fan and generating belt.
7. Clean and wash accumulation of carbon in inlet pipes.
8. Clean and wash the core of air cooler.
9. Clean and wash the whole oil lubrication system.
10. Clean and wash room of rocker arm, oil sludge in the sump and Metal scrap-iron.
Medium Repair (6000-8000 hours)
1. Including the items of minor repair.
2. Disassemble generator(except crankshaft)
3. Check the easy worn spare parts in pitman shaft system, gas distribution system, lubrication system, 
cooling system of cylinder, Piston, Intake and exhaust valve, replace them when necessary.
4. Check fuel supplying system, adjust oil pump and injector.
5. Repair and test the alternator, clean oil-sediment and lubricate the bearing of alternator.
Overhaul (9000-15000hours)
1. Including the items of intermediate repair.
2. Disassemble all the parts in the generator.
3. Replace cylinder, piston, piston loop, big and small bearing bushes, trusting pad of crankshaft, intake 
and exhaust valve, a whole set of tools for generator repair 
4. Adjust oil pump, injector and replace pump core, injector
5. Replace a whole set of repair tools for turbo charger and a repair set for water pump.
6. Adjust the parts of connecting rod, crankshaft and generator body,repair or replace them when necessary

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