Kpc660 600kVA/480kw factory direct sales Cummins Ktaa19g6a diesel generator set diesel generator set

★ GENERATOR DATA/SPECIFICATIONVoltage Available:50Hz: 380V/220V 400V/230V 415V/240V 480V/277V60Hz: 220V/127V 230V/132V 220V/440V 240V/480V Any special voltage is also available as client\'s requestPrime Power:Comply with GB/T2820-97(eqv.ISO8528).Genset can run unlimitedly under certain power range.One hour 10% over lo

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Kpc660 600kVA/480kw Factory Direct Sell Cummins Ktaa19g6a Diesel Generator Set Diesel Genset


Voltage Available:

50Hz: 380V/220V 400V/230V 415V/240V 480V/277V

60Hz: 220V/127V 230V/132V 220V/440V 240V/480V 

Any special voltage is also available as client's request

Prime Power:

Comply with GB/T2820-97(eqv.ISO8528).

Genset can run unlimitedly under certain power range.

One hour 10% over load in every 12 running hours is allowed;

Standby Power:

standby power is the limit value of maximum output for emergency use.

It is off-oil power,overloading is prohibited

Kpc660 600kVA/480kw Factory Direct Sell Cummins Ktaa19g6a Diesel Generator Set Diesel Genset
Power by: Cummins
       Technical Data      
 Genset Model  KPC350KPC385KPC412   KPC440KPC500 KPC550KPC625KPC660KPC687KPC725
 Rated PowerKW/KVA260/325280/350304/380320/400360/450 400/500450/563480/600500/625536/670 
 Standby PowerKW/KVA280/350308/385330/412352/440400/500 440/550500/625528/660550/687580/725 
 Rated VoltageV   220V/127V 380V/220V 400V/230V 415V/240V 480V/277V 600V/346V   
 SpeedRPM         1500/1800     
 Rated frequencyHz         50/60     
 Engine Model NTA855-G1BNTA855-G2ANTAA855-G7  NTAA855-G7AKTA19-G3KTA19-G3AKTAA19-G5KTAA19-G6AKTAA19-G6AQSKTAA19-G3
 Engine PowerKW321343377407448 504555610610634 
 Air intake way  TurboTurboTurbo    TurboTurbo TurboTurboTurboTurboTurbo
 Governor  ElectronicElectronicElectronic   ElectronicElectronic ElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronic
 CylinderQTY66666 66666 
 Bore*Strokemm*mm140×152140×152140×152140×152159×159 159×159159×159159×159159×159159×159 
 DisplacementL1414141418.9 18.918.918.918.918.9 
 Fuel Consumptiong/kw.h209192.6206.7200.5203 203203206206212 
 Compression Ratio 14:114:114:114:113.9:1 13.9:113.9:113:113:115:1 
 Alternator Model  STF-314ESSTF-314ESTF-314FS   STF-314FSTF-354CSTF-354DSTF-354ESTF-354ESTF-354FSSTF-354F
 Voltage Regulation          AVR      
 Excitation Method          Brushless     
 Open Type Sizemm 3350x1120x16003350x1120x16003350x1120x1600 3350x1120x16003370x1220x19003670x1220x19003800x1220x19003800x1220x19003800x1220x19003800x1220x1900
 Open Type Weightkg26602750308031303250 33803700380040004050 
 Soundproof Sizemm 3800x1200x21003800x1200x21003800x1200x2100 3800x1500x21004300x1500x24004300x1600x25004300x1600x25004300x2000x25504300x2000x25504300x2000x2550
 Soundproof Weightkg36803890420043004600 48505200536056005700 

 Power by: Cummins           
       Technical Data       
 Genset Model   KPC825KPC880KPC1000KPC1100KPC1250KPC1375KPC1500 KPC1650KPC1718
 Rated Power KW/KVA600/750640/800728/910 800/1000900/11251000/12501100/1375 1200/15001250/1560 
 Standby Power KW/KVA660/825704/880800/1000 880/11001000/12501100/13751200/1500 1320/16501375/1718 
 Rated Voltage V   220V/127V 380V/220V 400V/230V 415V/240V 480V/277V 600V/346V    
 Speed RPM         1500/1800      
 Rated frequency Hz         50/60      
 Engine Model   KTA38-GAKTA38-G2BKTA38-G2AKTA38-G5KTA38-G9KTA50-G3KTA50-G8KTA50-GS8KTA50-G9
 Engine Power KW711789895    970108912271429 14291656 
 Air intake way   TurboTurboTurboTurboTurboTurboTurbo TurboTurbo
 Governor   ElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronic ElectronicElectronic
 Cylinder QTY121212    12121616 1616 
 Bore*Stroke mm*mm159×159159×159159×159 159×159159×159159×159159×159 159×159159×159 
 Displacement L37.837.837.8    37.837.850.350.3 50.350.3 
 Fuel Consumption g/kw.h199199199    202199197205 204203 
 Compression Ratio  14.5:114.5:114.5:1    13.9:113.9:113.9:114.9:1 14.9:113.9:1 
 Alternator Model   STF-634BSTF-634CSTF-634DSTF-634ESTF-634FSTF-634GSTF-734B STF-734BSTF-734C
 Voltage Regulation           AVR      
 Excitation Method           Brushless      
 Open Type Size mm4000x1600x22504000x1600x22504300x1600x22504670x1750x22504800x2000x23204850x2000x23204980x2000x23504980x2000x23505200x2150x2400
 Open Type Weight kg426044005800    6000760078008200 950010000 
 Soundproof Size mm 4800x2200x26004800x2200x26005600x2200x26005800x2200x26006000x2200x26006000x2200x26006000x2200x26006000x2200x26007000x2300x2650
 Soundproof Weight kg590061007950    83009660980010800 1230013600 

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     13

Kpc660 600kVA/480kw Factory Direct Sell Cummins Ktaa19g6a Diesel Generator Set Diesel Genset


(1).Full control panel with power indicator light and oil light.

(2).Emergency shutdown for low oil pressure and high water temperature.

(3).Large fuel tank ensure continuous running.

(4).Low noise & vibration.

(5).Compact structure.

(6).Reliable performance.

(7).Easy for installation and maintenance.

(8).50Hz and 60Hz both are available for choice

Why Choose Us

Kanpor generator 
1)The structure is more compact, the big built-in muffler makes the noise lower;

2) Give up the traditional bottom air intake design, which can avoid dusts and other impurities inhalation and enlarge the area of air intake and discharge.

3)Separated output cable box, easy for cable connections (this kind of generator with soundproof canopy especially suitable for field construction and power tenancy);

4)The performances of weatherproof and soundproof are higher.

5)Material & thickness of canopy and frame,and others important business contents pls only email.

Diesel generator set/Gas generator set/Alternator: 12 months from shipment date.

Gasoline generator set:6 months from shipment date.

Spare parts:3 months from shipment date.

Based on some special project, we can extended our warranty period.

7)Factory Inspection: the test items before delivery are mainly as follows:

1/.Each genset shall be put into commission more than 4 hours totally. They are tested on idle load, fully

load and 10% overload;

2/.The noise level is tested

3/.All of the meters on the control panel shall be tested

The appearance of the genset and all of the label and nameplate shall be checked.
Kpc660 600kVA/480kw Factory Direct Sell Cummins Ktaa19g6a Diesel Generator Set Diesel Genset


Q.:What is your warranty period?

A.:Our warranty is 1 year or 1200 running hours whichever comes first. But based on some special project, we can extended our warranty period.

Q.:Does your generator have global warranty?

A.:Yes, We kanpor genset supply the warranty.Also most of our products like Deutz,Perkins,Cummins, Doosan,Yuchai,Weichai etc.power generator enjoy the global warranty service. And the alternator we use like Leroysomer, Stamford, marathon also enjoy the global warranty service, so you do not need to worry about the aftersales service.

Q.:Can you accept OEM?

A.:Yes, we can accept OEM.

Q.:What is your payment  terms?

A.:We can accept T/T 30% in advance, and the balance 70% shall be paid before shipment or L/C at sight.  But based on some special project and special order,we can do something on payment item.

Q.:What is your delivery time?

A.:Our normal delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks. But if your order is using special engine and alternator, then the delivery time is longer.
Kpc660 600kVA/480kw Factory Direct Sell Cummins Ktaa19g6a Diesel Generator Set Diesel Genset

Kpc660 600kVA/480kw Factory Direct Sell Cummins Ktaa19g6a Diesel Generator Set Diesel Genset


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