500kw high power generator UK Perkin 2806A-E18tag2

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1.We cooperate with famous diesel engine -Powered by Cummin,perkinERKINS Deutz , Lovol, Doosan, Shangchai, Yanmar, Foton-Isuzu, FAWDE, SDEC, Weichai, Yuchai, Ricardo, Jichai, Quanchai, Yandong,Kubota ETC
2. Equipped with famous Brushless alternator - Optional Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon, BOBIG, Mecc alte.
3. Equipped with 50°C radiator with fan, enough engine cooling system guarantee long time working
4. Equipped with advanced generator set control system, ATS system, remote control system, parallel operation system, optional control model, Deep sea, Smartgen , ComAp. Generator set use High-quality steel are thickness canopy -- 2MM to 6MM
6. Equipped with high density sound-absorbing material -- sound insulation, fireproofing
7. Generator equipped with 12V/ 24V DC battery with charger, battery connects wire.
8. Generator equipped with 10-12 hours fuel tank with fuel indicator, long time for working.
9. High protect class control box and power output box. IP55, Waterproof, Electric leakage protect, Breaker
10. New design of turn-back type for air inflow & air outlet which can reduce the noise and improve engine efficiency.
11. Beautiful & practicably design, Bottom hole for forklift, Water outlet & oil outlet for easy maintenance
12. Double open door on both sides of the Gensets. Spacious doors can check for every part of the engine and alternator.
13. All new design for diesel generator set of Silent, Supper silent, Soundproof, Trailer type, Container type.
14. Our generator set compliance with all main standards, such as : GB/T2820, ISO8528,IEC34, CE, EPA Tier4 stadard

Safety - Stability - Economy -  Reliability Power
Our generator set compliance with all main standards, such as : GB/T2820, ISO8528,IEC34, CE, EPA Tier4 standard

Controller System
Standard AMF control panel, including digital LED genset control model: HGM6120, DSE7320, DSE6020, AMF20, AMF25

Manufacturing Standard
GB/T2820, ISO8528,IEC34, CE, EPA Tier4 standard ,GB755,BS 5000,VDE 0530, NEMA MG1-22,IEC34.

Product Warranty policy
BOBIG products has guarantee for one year or 1000 hours whichever reach first from ex-factory date. During the guarantee period, we will provide the free easy-damageable spare parts, caused by our quality of production or raw material. After expiration, our provides cost spare parts maintenance.

Perkin Engine Company Brief Introduction:
As one of the world's leading providers of diesel engines we are passionate about delivering excellent products and services that exceed our customers' expectations.

With an 88-year history and more than 21 million engines behind us, our customers are in an ideal position to take advantage of a heritage of engineering excellence, as well as exceptional reliability and lower noise levels across our comprehensive product range.

Perkin Diesel Generator Set Range
ModelPrime power(kw/kva)Standby power power(kw/kva)Engine modelengine powerAlternator modelStamford  Alternator modelSize
BP10S79810403A-11G1 made in china7BW-164BPI 044E1700*850*1000
BP10 79810403A-11G1 made in china7BW-164BPI 044E1100*650*1000
BP14S10131114403A-15G1 made in china10BW-164CPI 044F1750*850*1000
BP14 10131114403A-15G1 made in china10BW-164CPI 044F1150*650*1000
BP17S12151317403A-15G2 made in china12BW-164DPI 044G1750*850*1000
BP1712151317403A-15G2 made in china12BW-164DPI 044G1150*650*1000
BP22S16201822404A-22G1 made in china16BW-184ESPI 144D1900*850*1050
BP22 16201822404A-22G1 made in china16BW-184ESPI 144D1300*650*1000
BP27.5S20252228404D-22TG made in china22BW-184FPI 144E2000*850*1050
BP27.5 20252228404D-22TG made in china22BW-184FPI 144E1550*610*1220
BP33S243026331103A-33G made in UK24BW-184GPI 144G2000*930*1200
BP33 243026331103A-33G made in UK24BW-184GPI 144G1500*700*1150
BP33S243026331103A-33G made in India24BW-184GPI 144G2000*930*1200
BP33 243026331103A-33G made in India24BW-184GPI 144G1500*700*1150
BP49.5S364540501103A-33TG1 made in UK36BW-224CPI 144K2200*930*1250
BP49.5 364540501103A-33TG1 made in UK36BW-224CPI 144K1600*700*1200
BP49.5S364540501103A-33TG1 made in India36BW-224CPI 144K2200*930*1250
BP49.5 364540501103A-33TG1 made in india36BW-224CPI 144K1600*700*1200
BP66S486053661103A-33TG2 made in UK48BW-224EUCI 224E2300*930*1250
BP66 486053661103A-33TG2 made in UK48BW-224EUCI 224E1680*700*1200
BP66S486053661103A-33TG2 made in india48BW-224EUCI 224E2300*930*1250
BP66 486053661103A-33TG2 made in india48BW-224EUCI 224E1680*700*1200
BP71.5S526557721104A-44TG1 made in china52BW-224FUCI 224F2500*930*1250
BP71.5 526557721104A-44TG1 made in china52BW-224FUCI 224F1850*700*1200
BP88S648070881104A-44TG2 made in china64BW-224GUCI 224G2500*930*1250
BP88 648070881104A-44TG2 made in china64BW-224GUCI 224G1850*700*1200
BP110S80100881101104C-44TAG2 made in china81BW-274CUCI 274C2550*970*1280
BP110 80100881101104C-44TAG2 made in china81BW-274CUCI 274C1920*750*1250
BP148.5S1081351191491106A-70TG1 made in china108BW-274EUCI 274E3050*1040*1500
BP148.5 1081351191491106A-70TG1 made in china108BW-274EUCI 274E2320*820*1550
BP165S1201501321651106A-70TAG2 made in china120BW-274EUCI 274E3150*1040*1500
BP165 1201501321651106A-70TAG2 made in china120BW-274EUCI 274E2400*820*1550
BP198S1441801581981106A-70TAG3 made in china144BW-274GUCI 274G3150*1040*1500
BP198 1441801581981106A-70TAG3 made in china144BW-274GUCI 274G2400*820*1550
BP220S1602001762201106A-70TAG4 made in china160BW-274HUCI 274H3150*1040*1500
BP220 1602001762201106A-70TAG4 made in china160BW-274HUCI 274H2450*820*1550
BP247.5S1802251982481206A-E70TTAG2 made in UK185BW-274JUCDI 274J3400*1250*1750
BP247.5 1802251982481206A-E70TTAG2 made in UK185BW-274JUCDI 274J2600*1000*1850
BP275S2002502202751206A-E70TTAG2 made in UK206BW-274KUCDI 274K3400*1250*1750
BP275 2002502202751206A-E70TTAG2 made in UK206BW-274KUCDI 274K2600*1000*1850
BP330S2403002643301506A-E88TAG5 made in USA246BW-314DHCI 444D3900*1400*1950
BP330 2403002643301506A-E88TAG5 made in USA246BW-314DHCI 444D3100*1050*2100
BP385S2803503083852206C-E13TAG2 made in USA280BW-314ESHCI 444E4500*1400*2250
BP385 2803503083852206C-E13TAG2 made in USA280BW-314ESHCI 444E3300*1150*2150
BP412.5S3003753304132206C-E13TAG3 made in USA320BW-314FHCI 444FS4500*1400*2250
BP412.5 3003753304132206C-E13TAG3 made in USA320BW-314FHCI 444FS3300*1150*2150
BP440S3204003524402206C-E13TAG3 made in USA320BW-314FSHCI 444F4500*1400*2250
BP440 3204003524402206C-E13TAG3 made in USA320BW-314FSHCI 444F3300*1150*2150
BP495S3604503964952506C-E15TAG1 made in USA364BW-354CHCI 544C4500*1810*2360
BP495 3604503964952506C-E15TAG1 made in USA364BW-354CHCI 544C3600*1500*2460
BP550S4005004405502506C-E15TAG2 made in USA400BW-354DHCI 544C4500*1810*2360
BP550 4005004405502506C-E15TAG2 made in USA400BW-354DHCI 544C3600*1500*2460
BP605S4405504846052806C-E18TAG1A made in USA473BW-354DSHCI 544D4500*1810*2360
BP605 4405504846052806C-E18TAG1A made in USA473BW-354DSHCI 544D3600*1500*2460
BP687.5S5006255506882806A-E18TAG2 made in USA520BW-354EHCI 544FS4500*1810*2360
BP687.5 5006255506882806A-E18TAG2 made in USA520BW-354EHCI 544FS3800*1740*2745
BP715S5206505727152806A-E18TAG2 made in USA520BW-354FHCI 544F5600*2200*2550
BP715 5206505727152806A-E18TAG2 made in USA520BW-354FHCI 544F4500*1800*2745
BP821S5977466578214006-23TAG2A made in UK597354F  L525/65HCI 634G5600*2200*2550
BP821 5977466578214006-23TAG2A made in UK597354F  L525/65HCI 634G4500*1800*2745
BP821S5977466578214006-23TAG2A made in india597354F  L525/65HCI 634G5600*2200*2550
BP821 5977466578214006-23TAG2A made in india597354F  L525/65HCI 634G4500*1800*2745
BP880S6408007048804006-23TAG3A made in UK641BW-404CHCI 634G5600*2200*2550
BP880 6408007048804006-23TAG3A made in UK641BW-404CHCI 634G4500*1800*2745
BP880S6408007048804006-23TAG3A made in india641BW-404CHCI 634G5600*2200*2550
BP880 6408007048804006-23TAG3A made in india641BW-404CHCI 634G4500*1800*2745
BP990S7209007929904008TAG1A made in UK728BW-404DHCI 634H5600*2200*2550
BP990 7209007929904008TAG1A made in UK728BW-404DHCI 634H4500*1800*2745
BP990S7209007929904008TAG1A made in India728BW-404DHCI 634H5600*2200*2550
BP990 7209007929904008TAG1A made in india728BW-404DHCI 634H4500*1800*2745
BP1100S800100088011004008TAG2A made in UK818BW-404EHCI 634J6100*2250*3050
BP1100 800100088011004008TAG2A made in UK818BW-404EHCI 634J4500*1800*2745
BP1100S800100088011004008TAG2A made in India818BW-404EHCI 634J6100*2250*3050
BP1100 800100088011004008TAG2A made in India818BW-404EHCI 634J4500*1800*2745
BP1237.5S900112599012384008-30TAG3 made in UK900BW-404GLVI 634F6100*2250*3050
BP1237.5 900112599012384008-30TAG3 made in UK900BW-404GLVI 634F4650*2065*2500
BP1375S10001250110013754012-46TWG2A made in UK1000BW-404HLVI 634G6100*2250*3050
BP1375 10001250110013754012-46TWG2A made in UK1000BW-404HLVI 634G4650*2065*2500
BP1375S10001250110013754012-46TWG2A made in india1000BW-404HLVI 634G6100*2250*3050
BP1375 10001250110013754012-46TWG2A made in india1000BW-404HLVI 634G4650*2065*2500

500kw Big Power Generator UK Perkin 2806A-E18tag2500kw Big Power Generator UK Perkin 2806A-E18tag2500kw Big Power Generator UK Perkin 2806A-E18tag2500kw Big Power Generator UK Perkin 2806A-E18tag2500kw Big Power Generator UK Perkin 2806A-E18tag2500kw Big Power Generator UK Perkin 2806A-E18tag2

1. 15 years experience in supplying diesel generator sets and gas generator with different sorts of brand                    
2. We are Factory,you will have Factory price,Factory Quality,Factory Warranty.
3. Offer Super good service before and after sales,Respone your needs fast  7*24 hours 
4. Our reputation for low prices, fast shipping and excellent customer service keeps customers coming back     

1. What is your MOQ, payment method, delivery time?
Answer: Our MOQ is only 1 set. Payment method usually is 30% T/T as deposit, 70% balance T/T before delivering. 
Or 100% L/C,tradeassurance,paypal,wester union..Delivery period normally will be 10~15 working days after receiving customers' deposit.
2. Which port do you often use when export?
Answer: Fuzhou port,Fujian province or as customer request.
3. Is there any spare parts you can provide along with genertors to make the maintenance convenient?
Answer: We can provide regular engine's air filter, water filter, fuel filter, oil filter to customers for self-maintenance.
4.Can you offer parts to us if we need?
Answer: Yes,we can offer parts to you at any time,not limited in warranty time.usually the parts can be sent out during 3-5days.
5. For voltage,frequency,tank capacity,phase and color,can you made accord with our requests?
Answer: Yes,they can be made accord with your need.
6. If I want to be your products distributor  in our country, what is your distribution policy?
Answer: Welcomes everybody join us and distribute products worldwide. We can issue authority certificates and sign agreement with you accordingly.

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